Top five magnesium rich foods

Magnesium is a mineral with many functions in ourbody. Its most common source is the plant products, and with proper and balanced nutrition we can easily satisfy the daily needs of magnesium. It participates in the synthesis of over 300 enzymes in the human body, provides a normal function of the nervous system and normal muscular activity, maintains and improves the work of the immune system, supports normal heart rhythm, maintains good bone health, helps regulate blood sugar and helps produce energy. Given that this mineral is of particular importance to our health and the proper functioning of our body, it is good to know which foods you should eat to take enough magnesium in your body.

  1. Spinach.

In 100g of fresh spinach,there is about 80mg magnesium that meets as much as 20% of the total daily needs of your body for magnesium.

  • Swiss chard

The magnesium content and the flavor is almost the same as for the spinach. In 100gr of swiss chard, there areabout 80 mg of magnesium and this amount of magnesium also meets 20% of the daily magnesium requirements. So if we eat 500gr of spinach and swiss chard in one day, we have already met the recommended daily needs of magnesium.

3. Pumpkin seeds

 100 g of pumpkin seed contain about 260 mg of magnesium that meets about 65% of the daily requirements for magnesium, which means that daily consumption ofeven small amounts of pumpkin seed is a good way to take in the necessary amounts of magnesium through diet.

4. Almonds

100 grams of almonds contain about 270 mg of magnesium, which means they contain a similar amount of magnesium as well as pumpkin seeds and, are another excellent source of this mineral.

5. Lentil

100 g lentils contain about 120 mg of magnesium that meets about 30% of the daily magnesium requirements.

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