THE BIGGEST DIET MISUNDERSTANDINGS – Part 1: Fat Burning Against Weight Loss

Perhaps the biggest mistake when it comes to diet is the misunderstanding of the concept of weight loss and fat burning.

Judging from the fact that the obesity is still growing in the world despite the undertaking efforts, it leads to a conclusion that something is not right.

Hopefully this series will clear some of those misunderstandings and will lead to better results.

Many people who are on diet, believe that the they need to lose weight as they feel overweight. That is partly true as the main goal is to lose weight but not any weight.

It is the BODY FAT that has to be lost.

The main goal of a healthy diet should be to retain the muscle mass and at the same time lower the body fat thus the weight loss. That is why for the successful diet is essential to know if the body is burning fat or not.

Now the new question pops up about what is needed for the body to burn fat, and the answer is that the body has to enter the state of ketoses. The body uses mainly carbohydrates or fats as fuel and the idea behind the diet concept that will lead the body to burn fat, is to starve the body of carbohydrates. In other words the meals should consist of low-carb foods.

When the body starts burning fat, some type of ketones are released both in the blood, the urine and in the breath.

The biggest challenge is to know when the body is releasing ketones, thus to know if the body is burning fat.

With today’s technology it is possible to measure if the body burns fat as a source of energy. Diet Fast Forward is one of the pioners in the field of ketone meter breathalyzers, that can measure the ketones in the breath.

Obesity and the sugar are the our number one enemy destroying our health. Luckily they are more or less depended on us.

Now when we know the difference between fat burning and weight loss, it is time to seriously think and do something about it.

It is time to take the control of our health in our own hands.

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