NEGATIVE (-) iones can make a POSITIVE (+) impact against the Corona virus!

It is scientifically proven that the ionizing air affects influenza virus infectivity and prevents airborne-transmission. Ion purifying technology neutralize more than 97% of virus in the air. The virus are made harmless immediately in the air as the negative ions attach to them.

Can ionization be effective against the Corona virus?

The professor in virology, Lennart Svensson, recently said to the Swedish daily newspaper Dagens Industri (DI) that he believes ionization to be effective against the corona virus. The professor also confirms that he believes the Corona virus is spread by air.

A study have shown that none of the animals got sick when exposed to the virus when the ions air purifier was on, but when the air purifier was turned off, 75% got sick. In real-life, this would mean that ion air purifiers would prevent or minimize the risk for you, your family or your colleagues getting sick. and have joined forces to offer you a virus protection discounted deal instantly on your email address.


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