Healthy food and “healthy food“

In the past, nutrition probably wasn’t a very popular subject because of the lack of evidence which proves that nutrition has a huge impact on human’s health. But today we are drowning in studies and information about food, nutrition, and health. A lot of studies end with very interesting conclusions which leads us to the point where we are very interested in paying attention to our diet and on the food we are eating.

I believe that each one of us knows that fast food, fatty, and fried food, sweets… belong to the category of unhealthy food, and that fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, are healthy foods. Unfortunately, today there are a lot of processed products labeled as healthy food, and the truth is that they can be labeled as everything else but healthy food. Very easy advice which can help you to make the right choice when it comes to healthy food is that everything that is processed, contains different types of additives and can last really long before going bed, probably cannot be included in the category of healthy food. We are offering you some practical advise which can help you to choose healthy food instead of “healthy food.“

How to choose healthy foods in an ocean of unhealthy foods labeled as healthy.

  1. Instead of commercially prepared muesli, choose cooked whole grains and mix it with fresh fruits, nuts, and seeds. Commercially prepared muesli or other products that are mixtures of grain flakes, dried fruits, nuts, and seeds are often loaded up with added sugar, sweeteners, artificial aromas, colorings, and other “healthy additives.“ If you really need to buy commercially prepared muesli, read the ingredient list first, if there are a lot of additives, don’t buy it.
  2. Dried fruits often contain Sulphur dioxide as a preservative. Candied fruits contain a lot of added sugar and other additives. That’s why fresh organic fruits are the best choice when it comes to fruits. You can surely find some organic, additives free dried fruits, but fresh fruits are the best. Candied fruits are clearly the worst choice so try not to use them in your diet. Frozen organic fruits with no added additives can be a good choice too.
  3. Always read the ingredients list, when you buy a processed product. If you need a Ph.D. in Chemistry in order to figure out what is in that product than probably you shouldn’t buy or eat it. Processed products are better avoided, but sometimes it is necessary to use them, so choose the product that has the most natural ingredients, and the fewer additives.
  4. Be careful of the way you are preparing your food. Even if you use healthy ingredients, you can turn them into an unhealthy meal. Don’t treat your food on very high temperature, for a very long time, because it is likely that it will lose a great part of the active healthy chemicals. In the process of cooking, there can be formed a lot of toxic chemicals (acrylamide, etc.) too. Try to eat fresh food as often as possible, and when you need to cook them, try to boil or bake them at a lower temperature and for less time.
  5. Fruits and vegetables are healthy foods. Even though they can be treated with a lot of chemicals, you can still find organic fruits and vegetables, or you can remove the chemicals that are left on the surface of your fruits and vegetables (soak them in water mixed with Sodium bicarbonate, or in water and vinegar.) Fruits and vegetables contain fibers, and fibers can help us in eliminating toxins from our bodies or can prevent us from absorbing the toxins that we are ingesting with our foods. Another positive aspect of consuming a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables is that they are providing us with phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals and as we said before, with fibers. All these nutrients help us to get rid of the toxic chemicals in our body. Try to choose the best fruits and vegetables that you can afford, but don’t try to avoid them just because they are not 100% organic.

To sum up: eat unprocessed foods, eat a lot of fruit and vegetables in their most natural form, and if you have to buy processed product read the ingredients list and try to do as less harm to yourself as possible.

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