Health benefits from the use of yellow wax beans in your diet

Yellow wax beans are a plant that can be placed in the group of legumes, but unique for this plant is itslow caloric value which is not typical for most of the other legumes. Yellow Wax beans have a pale cornflower colored, stringless pod with a translucent yellow flesh and lime green legumes inside its shell. Below, read the text that offers information about the health benefits of using yellow wax beansin your diet.

Source of fiber and protein

Most of the calories from yellow wax beanscome from carbohydrates. One cup yellow wax beans have about 7 grams of carbohydrates of which 3.4 grams are fibers, which means that yellow wax beansare an excellent source of fibers. Fibers are especially important for the health of the digestive tract. The fibers prevent constipation and regulate blood sugar levels, whilethe other carbohydrates are used as a source of energy needed for the functioning of our body. Each serving of yellow wax beans(one cup) contains 2 grams of protein that are important for maintaining healthy tissues, bones, and hair.

Iron and manganese

Yellow wax beans are a rich source of iron and manganese, and these two metals are needed for the activation of certain enzymes needed for the production of energy and proper metabolism. Iron is also necessary for normal synthesis and functioning of the red blood cells, while manganese regulates the production of hormones and the production of connective tissue. A portion of yellow wax beanscontains about 1mg iron and 0.21mg manganese, which meets 13% of the daily iron requirement and 9% of the daily manganese requirement for men and 6% of the daily iron requirements and 12% of the daily manganese needs for women.

Antioxidant-Vitamin C

This plant is also a good source of the powerful antioxidant-vitamin C that is essential for good health. Antioxidants prevent oxidative damage to cells, DNA, and cell membranes. Antioxidants protect us against various diseases (they can even help in the prevention of cancer.) Vitamin C also promotes wound healing and strengthens connective tissues. One portion of yellow wax beanscontains 16.3 mg vitamin C, which meets 18% of the daily needs of men and 22% of the daily needs of women.

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